What we do

We train staff, we sort technology and we work in partnership with your school to ensure iPad makes a real impact.

iTeach is Belfast based and runs training on site at school premises, plus satellite workshops all over Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. We work at department, school, board and geographical level in all school sectors including Pre School,  Primary, Post Primary, Special Needs and FE/HE.

We handle all aspects of your iPad integration:

  • Introduction – teacher enthusing sessions
  • Vision – working with SLT to identify the tech vision for the school
  • Planning – every aspect of iPad deployment, through teacher only devices to 1:1 programs
  • Training – taking Teachers from no knowledge to effectively using the iPad to enhance teaching and learning
  • Deployment – from setting iPads up to full device security
  • Support – ensuring your staff, parents and pupils have help when they need it.
  • Supply – iTunes vouchers, specialist classroom iPad supplies

In short – we cover every aspect of iPad in the classroom. Period.

Why not check out our training courses or have a look at our recommended school starter packs? Just head to our services menu

Given our vast experience, we also work worldwide as required – so if you have a conference, project or teacher professional development requirement, contact us and we will deliver what you need, where you need it.

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