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An incredible opportunity to work as part of the iTeach team building resources and sharing your experiences to thousands of educators via iTunes U and conferences such as iLearn. Overview Teachers are creative and innovative. The very nature of their job means that these two soft skills are part and parcel of everyday life in the classroom where, with a knock at a door, whole lessons and planning have to be adapted, abandoned or redesigned.associatesbadge This constant re-routing and changing is something great teachers do each and everyday, disturbed or not. Learning intentions, while planned against Assessment for Learning data, are not set in stone. Those educators who work with and react to their classes’ needs as they arise create a shared and personal learning experience in an environment which promotes opportunities for challenge, engagement and reflection, while allowing room for both curiosity and independence. The embedding of technology into school life through the iPad has radically and irrevocably changed the dynamic of the classroom, from both the teaching and learning perspective. Classroom teachers now have the very real ability to use this tool to develop pupils to reach their full potential, not only as part of a group but as individuals too. iTeach would like you to work alongside us. We are looking for educators who are both passionate about their subject as well as leaders in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. An Associate should be able:

  • to demonstrate excellence in your Key Stage or subject area in planning
  • to showcase outstanding resource or content creation that clearly enhances both teaching and learning
  • to utilise the iPad as an effective tool for Assessment for/of Learning
  • to exemplify reflective practice on their own professional development and the impact of their teaching on the outcomes for all pupils
  • to publicly share good practice to a global community using an iTunes U public site.

Associate Benefits If appointed, each associate would receive

  • the equivalent of 1 Management Point as per the Teacher Pay Scale (currently £1,800 PA paid monthly in arrears)
  • In-service training and on-going support from iTeach
  • Membership of iTeach ‘Academy’ – a bi-annual forum for the sharing of best practice and promotion of excellence
  • A unique iTeach Associate logo to use in their emails/twitter etc

Associate Commitments If selected, you will be required to do the following –

  • submit 2 lessons per month with all relevant planning and resources includediTeach Digital Badges v2
  • submission of lesson evaluations, including both teacher and pupil reflections
  • creation and maintenance of an iTunes U course relevant to your Key Stage / subject discipline
  • be willing and available to support/speak at iLearn 2017 (sub cover provided)
  • attendance at iTeach Academy – two sessions per year held after school

Associate Criteria To apply for the role of Associate, you must have

  • a relevant qualification in your subject area
  • a minimum of 4 years teaching experience
  • experience of creating resources within a school setting and with the use of iPad

Associate Requirement As an Associate you must:

  • Have permission from your school Principal to apply
  • Have permission to attend iLearn February 2017
  • carry out work to a high standard and be able to meet deadlines set by iTeach
  • complete work in your own time using your own resources/equipment

The Small print: The position of Associate is on an annual basis, extended by mutual agreement from both parties. Successful candidates will, at the end of their year, still be able to use their title and logo but all commitments for resources etc will cease, as will remuneration. Please note that all payments are relevant to term-time only and will not be made over the summer months.  iTeach will own the permanent copyright to all resource produced. Associates will be contracted to carry out a particular job and so will work with iTeach on a contract for service basis.  Associate payments will be considered a second income and therefore under HMRC guidelines iTeach will deduct tax at the basic rate (BR), however Associates are responsible for any further payments.   How to apply Firstly, all candidates must complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. Candidates must evidence their ability to meet the criteria set out above under the ‘Role’ section*. Candidates may use any form of evidence they deem suitable, though school/parental permission should be gained before any material from pupils is shared. Candidates may only submit sample work by creating and sharing a private iTunesU course*. Download the expression of interest form here. *Please note, you are not required to have a shared public iTunes U course before application. associatesbadge The application milestones are:

  1. Expression of Interest forms along with the relevant  iTunes U course code must be submitted by  4:30pm on Friday 5th May 2017.
  2. Where a piece of work is required in a particular subject area the Associate list will be used to identify those with the relevant expertise and will be shortlisted accordingly.  iTeach may if deemed necessary ask applicants to attend test/interview.  The decision to test/interview applicants will depend on the requirements of contract and the number of applicants.
  3. Applicants will be notified of outcome within one week of shortlisting.
  4. Successful candidates will be informed and invited to a meeting in June 2017 and will  begin their role in September 2017.

Please note: an expression of interest does not guarantee work.  

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