Challenge Based Learning

A collaborative learning experience in which teachers and students work together to learn about compelling issues, propose solutions to real problems, and take action.

iTeach deliver amazing challenge based learning programmes for KS3 – KS4 delivering cross curricular, engaging learning experiences. Programmes that _260855634focus on universal challenges to local solutions,  develop 21st century skills and encourage collaboration. Facilitated by iTeach, we use iPad as the tool and the supporting technology.

Above all, our CBL programmes encourage pupils to ‘do’ and not simply learn in the traditional sense. Society needs people who can communicate effectively and with confidence, who work on their own initiative, who are able to think critically, who could collaborate with others and who are creative. It seems increasingly clear that the traditional, narrow focus on academic study cannot create such students; we have to create a learning process that develops the entire person.

Flexible delivery

Our CBL programmes are all delivered in school and can range from an hour project to one spanning several weeks

Across the Key stages

Projects can be delivered from KS2 to KS4 or year groups can participate in transition projects from Primary 7 to Y8.

Cross Curricular

CBL is by its very nature truly cross curricular, but programmes are tailored for each school and span the subjects and areas targeted by the school.


All programmes are designed per school – we work with each school and tailor a programme that uniquely fits that school. From subjects to skills, we make each project count.

Ready to get started?

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 Want to get started even sooner? Select ‘taster project’ and we will arrange a one hour pupil project that will inspire!



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