eSafety Programs

An approach for every school


At iTeach we offer a range of training and support modules to provide an holistic approach to e-Safety within your school. 

We help you ensure that your school meets the guidance given by the Department of Education (See Circular Number 2013/25 – eSafety Guidance) whilst matching the ethos of your school. By including advice with writing your policy, the collection of evidence, as well as e-Safety training for teachers and pupils, we will work with SLT, staff, pupils and parents to provide an all encompassing approach to eSafety both in and beyond the school.

iTeach offer a series of modules to build an entire eSafety implementation, all of which are led by our 360 degree safe assessors. 

Module 1: An e-Safety Strategy for your School: Planning, Policy and Practice

Module 2: e-Safety Training for Teachers and Support Staff – 1 hour

Module 3: An E-Safety Session for Pupils – 1 hour

Module 4: Parents’ Evening  – 1 hour

Contact us and we will send you full details,  arrange a visit with your SLT and provide costs and times to get things moving. We can help with every aspect – policies, review, parental engagement.

Parents Sessions

If you don’t need a full eSafety review, check out our Parents sessions which can be run in school during the day or as evening sessions. In these, we look at:

  • On line awareness
  • Staying safe online
  • Understanding whats right for your child
  • Recognising on line concerns
  • Providing a safe on line experience
  • Apps and Social Media – important dos and don’ts
  • Communicating the boundaries

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