Get Wi-Fi

We work with schools all over Northern Ireland, and so we understand the constraints with wireless access – but we are here to help.

You really do get the best out of an iPad with all of its learning and teaching potential with internet access provided via Wi-fi.

Getting Wi-fi need not be as difficult or expensive as you may think.

Here are the two main options to consider for NI schools:

Option 1 – C2K Wireless by ‘Meru’

C2K are currently rolling out the Meru wireless system to all primary and post primary schools throughout the academic year 2013-2014 – contact your C2K manager to find out more about your particular schools deployment. This is running very far behind where it was promised, but its worth that call.We’d love to see it working in practice.

Option 2 – Dedicated solution

This is ‘off c2K’ , where the school provisions a fast broadband connection from BT . We then provide a content filtering ‘firewall’ , wireless access points, everything you need – with the advantage of remote iPad management for the entire school. Its fast. And it ‘just works’.

This costs from around  £1600 for Primary and £3000 for a typical post primary of around 600 pupils. Thats a ‘one off’ payment and the only ongoing charge is  £40 per month for BT. All schools are different though and we can do a site survey.

Remember this is non C2K, so have a read at the Department of Education document for the key things to consider – most crucially the need for a filtering system. (available on C2K exchange)


Need more explanation?

Call us on 02890 020375 or email us on and we will be happy to help choose what’s best for your school and budget.

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