1:1 Programs

A connected device for every pupil and teacher

1:1 programs are a very powerful way to aid and enhance learning and access to technology integration in schools at all levels and sizes.

The key to a successful 1:1 program is in the planning and phased roll out approach.

We have a vast amount of experience delivering effective 1:1 programs, so we take the time to walk you through the initial decision, to planning, finance,policy, training and roll out. We will add to the mix parent evening presentations, parental training and ensure that your 1:1 program is a real success.

Contact us today for a chat and we’ll explain what we can do.

The benefits of 1:1

  • Instant, current access to information
  • Whenever and wherever learning
  • Active and engaging learning
  • Supports differentiated learning
  • Mobility in technology
  • Integrate ICT skills and use in every class – think about the ease of connected learning and the UICT requirements going forward.
  • Embrace new content delivery
  • Enable any learning style – blended, flipped, challenge based
  • Encourage creativity and increase confidence
  • Lead the way in innovative teaching
  • Budget friendly

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