Everyday at school we always hear children talk excitedly about what they have recently built in Minecraft at home.Minecraft_GrassBlock_6810023_lrg

We’ve taken this fantastic game and used it in the classroom as a learning tool across all areas of the curriculum. Pupils of all ages are focused and engaged in learning, with all types of learners enthralled when using Minecraft on iPad.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of children building imaginative structures and collaborating with each other online. For those who are unaware of what exactly it is, think of it as Lego, except you can build anything you like using hundreds of different types of blocks. 

Working with teachers

We work with teachers across the country, showing them how exactly Minecraft can be used in the classroom. Teachers find out how to access the Minecraft Pocket Edition app and set up collaborative servers where groups of children can work together.IMG_0129 Importantly, we sit down with teachers and subject co-ordinators to ensure that Minecraft is used in really engaging activities in all areas of the curriculum. Perhaps teachers would like pupils to build important landmarks across the country when they are learning about the locality. Or, pupils may plan and build a Viking village, when learning about Raiders and Traders.

Engaging with pupils

IMG_0095We also run superb pupil sessions, focusing on integrating meaningful Minecraft activities into high quality learning and teaching. Of course, teachers take a full part in these, for example helping pupils to learn all about Ancient Egyptian burials by building one of the pyramids at Giza to scale. Pupils love looking at history and geography of the region – pupils could get the opportunity to build the Giant’s Causeway, learning about the geological facts and myths and legends along the way. 

Building Engagement Projects

We work with industry, charity, nature, tourist attractions and historical places of interest to inspire, engage and motivate pupils FullSizeRender 4through the medium of Minecraft. We work on very specific project outcomes, tied into the curriculum and we involve local schools.

Our clients include The National Museums of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, the National Trust, Botanic Gardens (Tropical Ravine) and several Industry Bodies.

We create a custom project for each and every organisation we work with.

Contact us and lets work out how best to integrate Minecraft into your school or engagement project.

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