6 Nations Minecraft Competition

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It is an exciting few weeks ahead as the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament kicks off with the eyes of the world on Ireland, Scotland,

Wales, England, France and Italy as they battle it out for the championship. Students in your class have the opportunity to share in this excitement by taking part in our very own 6 Nations Rugby iTeach Minecraft Competition to build the Aviva Stadium in Dublin where the final 6 Nations game will be played on 18th March.

Schools are in with a chance to win an free coding day for all teachers and students and our new SPRK+ mat!

Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games in the world. Minecraft Pocket Edition, the iPad app, has been the most downloaded game on the App Store for the last 3 years. It is a ‘Sandbox Game’ which essentially means that users can build anything they want, whether it be an exact replica of the Colosseum in Rome, or something wonderfully creative from a child’s imagination.

In the last 3 years Minecraft has been used as an amazing tool in education in meaningful and engaging ways across the world. Teachers have commented on how the engagement of learners in their class had been transformed. Students may be recreating a scale building of a pyramid at Giza, complete with a Burial Chamber. Reluctant readers may boost their comprehension skills by recreating a story setting in a Minecraft World. The opportunities to develop skills such as collaboration, team work, creativity and problem solving are very prevalent as students can work together in collaborative worlds while building their creations.


6 Nations Rugby Tournament links with the Curriculum

By taking part in this competition students develop the following areas within the Curriculum:

  • Height, length, scale and estimation in Mathematics.
  • Collaboration, problem solving and logical thinking.
  • Building materials and structures.
  • Knowledge of capital cities and an awareness of the World Around Us.

Getting started is easy:

Follow the guidelines for building the structure by download the 6 Nations Minecraft Competition Resources

Competition Entry and Rules

  • Submissions can be completed by individual pupils or from a group of pupils in a collaborative Minecraft World.
  • Email screenshots of the completed Aviva Stadium to competitions@iteach-uk.com by Friday 17th March. Include the student or students’ name(s), class, school and teacher in the email along with the screenshots.
  • The overall winner, first, second and third runners up will be announced on Saturday 18th March at half time in the final 6 Nations game between Ireland and England.
  • Winners will be selected by the iTeach judging panel.

Follow updates and screenshots from schools on the iTeach Twitter @iteach_uk

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