Digital Badges

An incredible, robust programme to motivate and reward pupils and their Digital Skills. Providing a simple framework to enable all students to build an accredited digital badge portfolio that follows them through school. 


Skills. Assessment. Learning. Motivation. Development.

As young people continue to enter an increasingly fast-paced, digital world of learning and work, it has become a priority to promote, assess and certify the competencies needed to succeed. iTeach Digital Badges provide schools with a framework to support the deepening of knowledge and broadening of skills.

Digital Badges is an innovative programme designed to recognise and reward pupils for these 21st Century digital skills. Using the industry-leading MakeWaves platform, for Primary, and Open Badge Academy for Post-Primary, students can earn digital badges and add them to their portfolios which will accompany them through school and into the world of work.

These portfolios have international recognition from the Mozilla foundation and are respected across the business community.

Each badge will have clearly communicated success criteria and learning outcomes which should be demonstrated before a badge is awarded. While the Digital Badge programme has been designed to be achievable, it is also challenging and robust. We do recognise that some pupils, on first application, may not achieve the standards required. We do however greatly encourage those pupils to reflect, review any feedback and resubmit at the next available opportunity.


Our Digital Badges will range from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 5. (Scotland Primary 1 to S6). While each badge can be undertaken uniquely, they have been designed in order to scaffold knowledge and skills allowing each pupil to see clear pathways for progression.

Badges cover core app skills, tech skills, peer help recognition, Thinking Skills, Collaboration, STEAM, App development and study skills. A full list of the badge levels can be found.

For now, you can start with our coding badges. You’ll get to understand the system and grow with it from there.

Primary Badges


iCode (i)

Pupils can earn this badge by completing our easy to follow Scratch Jr lesson from our iCode initiative. Through this task computational thinking and problem solving skills are developed alongside knowledge of writing and applying coding patterns and algorithms. Suitable for pupils aged 8-12


iCode (ii)

By completing our Minecraft activity and earning the iCode (ii) badge, pupils will gain mathematical competencies such as calculating and formulating the area of structures/buildings, while improving their communication techniques using various media including visual schematics. Suitable for pupils aged 8-12

Post Primary Badges

Communication (Bronze)

Designed to be taken by KS3 pupils, they have to devise, create and submit a video which demonstrates their ability to talk meaningfully about their dream job. They can complete this using any media creation tool/app so long as it meets the specified success criteria of the task. This should take pupils around 2-3 hours to complete, from drafting and storyboarding to filming and submission.

Communication (Silver)

Designed to be taken by pupils in KS3/KS4, and is an ‘Apprentice’-style task, where pupils have to create a product, some advertising materials and film a pitch to retailers. Again, pupils can use whatever software/app they want to create their products. This should take approximately 10+ hours of work, from devising their product, creating their marketing resources and submission.

Communication (Gold)

Designed to be taken by KS4/5 pupils. They create a web page or an ebook which is a case study of a local business. Applicants should use a range of media to tell us about what they have learned about the business including images, video, text, voiceover etc. This should take approximately 15+ hours of work, from research, compilation and submission of their case study.


iTeach Digital Badges v2
By registering your school in completing the form below, you’ll get access to an additional page where you can download a simple guide. This will walk you through registering at our Makewaves Academy. From there, you can register pupils with a simple file upload and you can start to apply for badges.

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We hope that you would consider getting involved in the iTeach Digital Badge scheme. We firmly believe that these awards will greatly benefit all of the pupils who get involved by impacting their learning and preparing them for their future place in society.

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