The new Primary Science Initiative from iTeach. A wealth of curriculum mapped resources, help and support. Free for all schools.


Exploring Curiosity and Creativity through Science

Primary Science with iPad. Thats iWonder. Launching June 2017.i-iwonder-copy

iWonder has a very simple set of aims – we want to get more kids involved with science and we want to give teachers as much help as possible to do so, and we do it all on iPad using a range of apps. iWonder is free to all schools.

We’ve built iWonder around the concept of an after schools club, but all of the resources and guides are equally at home in the classroom within the structure of the school day, and all resources are curriculum mapped.

We’ll introduce key science process skills, map the curriculum, take you through some of the apps you will use, introduce how we’ll use equipment and provide you with help and guidance on setting up an after school club.

On the dedicated iWonder site you can download lots of extra help – start off with some lesson plans and get right into the learning or download resources to set up your club. There are keynote presentations, posters, door signs and completion certificates.

We have even produced membership cards for your pupils – just follow the site guide and we’ll send you as many as you need. With access to budget sensitive Science pupil packs, we’ve everything covered.

Whats more, we’ll keep things moving throughout the year with new lesson plans every term, events and competitions and some great activities around Science Week.

Getting started with iWonder is simple – register your school, below and as soon as we launch we’ll get you all signed up.


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