Interactive Whiteboards

It’s a common question in all schools – iPad or Interactive Whiteboard.

In working with teachers and seeing how they use both, it is clear that an iPad + projector can deliver much much more than an IWB.

Think of this – teach with mobility, have the class interact from anywhere, allow instant peer review and discussion; open a world of resources – and do it flexibly, the way you want it for your class

That said, we know many schools have deployed IWBs so if you want to use the iPad as a replacement or a compliment to an existing system, there are many ways that can be achieved. We do get cheeky about IWBs though and consider them an overpriced projector in most cases, so lets focus on using the IWB as a projector for now.

The one common thing you need is a really really good whiteboard app – ours and our teacher favourite standout app is Explain Everything – you can check it out here . Its the best £1.99 you’ll ever spend!

1. Use the iPad as a teaching device

Install Explain Everything. Grab yourself a VGA cable (which will work with any projector you have in class). That plugs into where your current IWB goes. Just unplug the cable from the PC and directly into that white cable. You can buy one here.

That gets you – Interactive whiteboard tools, on your iPad but shown on the classroom projector screen.

2. Go Wireless

Don’t like the cable? Go wirefree with AppleTV – move around the room with your EE app and teach from anywhere, involving your pupils at every stage. Read more here

3. Use it to control your current IWB software

If you like your existing software and use it daily, then install many of the remote desktop apps the App store has on offer. This will let you ‘connect’ to your classroom PC and use the full features of your current IWB software system.

We cover these solutions in depth in our courses – but if you just want some further advice, head to our contact page and let us know what questions you may have.

4. Get the best of both worlds

Use your IWB software and your iPad on the big screen – by buying a simple switch box a simple button push is all it takes to flip between sources. Available here

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