Really useful ideas

You may be new to the iPad or a seasoned expert – either way we wanted to list a few apps we recommend for a few cool ideas you may not know about.

1. Dropbox

This is a must have – think of it as all of your files from your PC on your iPad. Use it to transfer , open, save files between iPad and PC. Simply head on over to and register for the free 2GB account, then install on your PC or Mac. This will create a folder ‘My Dropbox’ . Basically copy any files you want to that folder. After installing Dropbox on your iPad you can grab any of those files on it.
Note: In Northern Ireland , if you are on the C2K network, dropbox is blocked, so you will need to either be off C2K or at home to use it.
Tip: press the little star to favourite any file on your iPad – that keeps it there and requires no network connection to open the file.

Dropbox - Dropbox
If you use Dropboox – head on over and also get a dropdav account – this will let you send any files from Pages, Numbers or keynotes to your Dropbox folder.

2. Evernote

This is a great app with many powerful features. This of it as a virtual filing cabinet. You can send practically anything (web pages, pdfs’s, images, notes) to it and file it away in books or with searchable tags. A great way to organise resources.
Evernote - Evernote

3. ReaditLater/InstaPaper

Gathering web based resources? Simply add to these apps and they will store all of your web pages offline so you can file them and view them anywhere.
Read It Later Pro - Idea Shower

4. Organiser HD

Think of it as a Filofax on your iPad – store timetables, to dos, class notes, images on a daily view organiser. Makes a great teacher and lesson planner
Organizer HD - Aesthology Inc.

5. Twitter

Use twitter as a source of information even if you don’t want to tweet. Search for people, or topics in your field and add them ‘follow’ . You will get a rolling list of related items in your app. Explore the use of hashtags such as #edtech #edapps to get even more information on any subject. Twitter is a big big world – we cover it in depth in our courses.
Twitter - Twitter, Inc.

6. FlipBoard

Create magazine type information from any source – open it, click ‘more’ search for your area of interest and add it. Amazing way to view any type of information
Flipboard - Flipboard Inc.

7. iAnnotate

We cover this one in depth , but its fantastic to mark submitted work and return it without resorting to paper. Little bit of a learning curve but well worth it.
iAnnotate PDF - Aji, LLC

8. QR Reader

Try our QR generator here. Just browse to any web page, click a button and you will get a QR code and short link that you can show to pupils – great to assign homework or for further reading material.

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