Or, How to move files between your laptop and iPad via C2K

Dropbox is far and way our favourite way to move files between devices. It is simple to use, needs no configuration and just works.

However, C2K have the service blocked which makes it harder to deploy if you are on a full c2K network.

Skydrive is a service from Microsoft that is free to use – whilst a little more ‘clunky’ than dropbox, it is C2K ready and works between your windows machines and iPad. It works by allowing you to open a web browser, drag and drop any file onto that browser and it will be instantly available via an app on your iPad.

To set it up.

1. Check with your ICT Technician

Ensure you have the service in your filtering set up – this is a new filter group set up by C2K and must be enabled by request.

2. Register an ID

Head to

Click the ‘Sign up’ button and then click the ‘user your own email address’ button

Complete the short steps to register.

Thats it, you are now logged in.

3. Set up your iPad

You need a file manager app called ismestorage , £2.99

You’ll need to run through the resigtration process on the app to get started. It takes around 5 minutes to do.

One done, add your account. Choose cloud providers > add a provider > Skydrive and key in your email and password you used in step 2.

Thats it! You can find your files under My cloud files > My skydrive files is the app.

In use

To upload files – open your web browser at and log in. Simply drag and drop any files you want onto the white area in the middle of the screen. You can create folders and reorganize in any way you need.

To open files on your iPad > Open ismestorage > my cloud files > skydrive and open any file that’s there. You can use ‘Open in’ to send them anywhere you wish.

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