Adding a division symbol

The iPad has some great keyboard shortcuts so the keyboard is very fast and efficient. However, we do get asked one question all the time by primary school teachers: Where is the division symbol?

Bad news – it’s not there. Good news – we can add it easily as per below:

Step 1 – tap and hold the symbol below and press copy in the menu that pops up


Step 2 – on the iPad tap settings > general > keyboard > add shortcut. This box appears:




Step 3 – tap once where it says ‘Phrase’. Tap Paste in the menu that pops up.


Step 4 – where it says Shortcut , type //


Step 5 – press save



That’s it done – now anytime you want to add a traditional division symbol in a sheet, note or all,  just type // and the iPad will add it into the document.

Want more? Click here to download a PDF with maths symbols including subscript and superscript, roots and Ohms!

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