The iPad - an effective teaching and learning tool

Providing almost limitless and engaging teaching resources, intuitive operation and full integration with lesson planning and delivery.

For Schools

The iPad brings a new way for lesson delivery and engagement with pupils.It is the tool transforming thousands of schools worldwide every day. It’s changing teaching and learning. Use it around the classroom as ‘show’ and discuss content, use it with individual pupils or for group work for exciting and interactive learning. Or use it to its true potential – as a 1:1 learning device with every pupil in the room.

The iPad is a superb learning tool especially in relation to critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, research and information fluency. But its more than that. It stimulates creativity; it encourages learning and it enables great challenge centered lessons.

Its instant on facility means no IT headaches and no waiting time for computers to start. It just, well, works.

Its the perfect teaching and learning tool – designed to be easily used, projected on screen and  lends itself to the classroom in a much more natural way then a laptop. Do everything from lesson planning to involving activities, content creation and creativity.

For Teachers

  • Limitless resources – over a million apps available is only the start – create, curate, collaborate and share with iPad.
  • Front of class use – easily write and deliver content and lessons directly to your  current projector
  • Whole class display  leading to real and meaningful engagement
  • Mobility – don’t be restricted to a front of class board
  • Camera and Video offers almost unending use in the classroom
  • Assist with differentiated learning
  • Lesson planning and assessment record keeping
  • PC problems are a thing of the past
  • Homework and task assignment
  • Proven in education around the world
  • Lots of support offered for resources and training

For Pupils

  • Access to a world of engaging resources
  • Powerful tools for task and content creation
  • Stimulates and encourages learning
  • Interactive – students are ‘in’ the lesson
  • Incredible creative media tools
  • Student response ability
  • Great of opportunities for AFL and UICT
  • Incredible pupil involvement in class and with peers
  • Incorporates ICT seamlessly into lesson plans
  • Supports and scaffolds 21st century skills

But its more than that – for us, the iPad is the first tool that truly enables 1:1 learning – a model where every pupil and every teacher has their own personal learning device. It becomes a transparent, intrinsic part of the lesson. A tool to be used on demand vs the old style of ICT room booking.

The iPad is not the future. Its the now.

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