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We always get asked – where do I get X or Y or Z for the classroom? So to help, our accessory store is where you can find proven accessories for use in the classroom all from one source – iTeach.

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You can order via LMS or school purchase order by faxing an order to 02890 190 332, or by emailing it to If you want to order via a school credit card, just let us know in an email and we will get right back to you. Our full details are here Goods are normally in stock and despatched within two working days. Shipping is free and there are no hidden costs.

Please note that all cases are supplied as standard for iPad Air 2 – should you need iPad 2, Air or Mini, simply specify on order.

Need to return something? No problem – have a read at our returns policy and email any returns to 



Description Price Order Code
Robustor – Our most popular case. A light but very robust case with all round plastic and rubber protection.Great for in class use with easy access to all of the iPad buttons but will protect it if dropped, and has an integrated stand. Multiple (7) colours for year groups. £12.88 IT-RBST-B1
Smart case – the benefits of a hard, shatter proof surround to protect the iPad back and corners. Includes a smart type front cover which can be used as a stand for any position you need. Note that this is not an Apple case – we have chosen a superior stronger case which covers all edges, keeps the screen clean and is proven in the classroom. Available in black, red, blue, purple, green, grey and orange. £11.56 IT-SC-B1
Folio case – at a great price this case protects all sides of the iPads and acts as a two ways stand, Great for pupil iPads £10.56 IT-FOL1
Survival – One of the most robust cases you can get – covers screen and all edges. Great for Primary, SEN and the sports pitch.Also available for iPad Mini £12.88 IT-SURV-B1
Lavolta Kids case – super case, with a great in built stand thats used as a carry handle – available in multiple colours. protection and easy to carry in one great package £18.80 IT-ADC-LV

iPad Projector Cables

iPad VGA Adaptor – You’ll need one of these to plug your iPad into a projector or interactive whiteboard £21.30 IT-iVGA
iPad 4/Mini/ Air VGA Adaptor – You’ll need one of these to plug your iPad 4, Mini or Air into a projector or interactive whiteboard £34.30 IT-VGA4

Apple TV

Apple TV Converter – this provides a conversion between the AppleTV HDMI socket and your projector or IWB connection – add this to an Apple TV and you have a ready to go solution for mobility in the classroom, complete with audio. £31 IT-ATV1
Apple TV 4 & Converter Pack – this is everything you need – an AppleTV 4th generation (32GB) fully configured, VGA adaptor with cables and switch box. Just plug and go. £169 ATV4-K1

Stands & Mounts

Tripod Mount Bracket – a tripod mount for iPad 2, 3 or 5. The iPad clips into this mount, which will mount right on top of a standard camera tripod. fantastic for movie making, stop motion, this allows fixed, pan and tilt movements. (Note, actual camera tripod not included, see our pack below) £36.24 IT-TRMT-1
Tripod mount bracket and tripod pack – a great bundle pack – the above tripod mount for iPad plus a super quality camera tripod. A complete filming or stop motion solution. £52.33 IT-TRMT-PK
iGoose – the most flexible way to hold an iPad for animation tasks and visualisation. The iGoose attaches to a desk (max 4 inch thick) and then provides maximum angles for any animation task. Works with iPad cases also. £42.10 IT-HIG-1

Video Work

Green Screen – Nice and simple green screen for use with video projects. 1.8m x 3m and washable. £32.00 IT-VGS-1
Green Screen Starter Kit – Everything you need at school for a green screen studio – ‘A’ frame bracket and a great quality green screen – everything you need for a classroom. Add our tripod and mount pack (IT-TRMT-PK) for a total solution. £47.00 GS-FKT-2S
Green Screen Kit – Everything you need at school for a green screen studio – ‘A’ frame bracket, green screen, lighting.Cases included to easily store and carry between classrooms. Add our tripod and mount pack (IT-TRMT-PK) for a total mobile solution for Moving Image Art. £150.00 GS-FKT-1

Input Devices

Stylus Pack – pack of 10 for use with notetaking apps, and whiteboards apps such as Explain Everything. Also great for motor control practice. £15.00 IT-STY-P1
Wacom Stylus – the best of the best stylus in our opinion – great smooth writing and you can get nibs as and when you need them without having to buy a new pen £16.10 IT-STY-WB
iCrayon - a ‘fat’ easy to hold stylus for younger years, great for drawing apps. £7.53 IT-IC-S1
Wireless keyboard – a laptop size keyboard which connects wirelessly to the iPad and allows for ‘regular’ keyboard operation £24.82 IT-BK-1


Air Print Printer Inkjet – HP 8610 Airprint printer – simply the best print solution for the iPad classroom – configurable for whole school access, inkjet with 20 pages per minute, less than 4P per colour print, duplex, print directly from an iPad with one button press. If you need ink, just drop us an email. £174 HP-8610AP
Air Print Printer Ink Pack – HP8600 full ink pack – all cartridges needed in XL size for maximum cost effectiveness, printing around 1500 pages. £61 HP-950XLPK
Air Print Laser Printer – Laserjet Pro 400 Airprint printer – our pick of the best colour laser solution for the iPad classroom – configurable for whole school access, with 20 pages per minute, 300 page capacity duplex, print directly from an iPad with one button press. Compatible with papercut. £204 HP-400DW
Air Print Laser Toner Pack – HP Pro 400 full toner pack – all toner needed in XL size for maximum cost effectiveness, printing an average of 3500 pages. £131 HP-305XLPK
Our tech team can get your a dedicated printing solution up and running in no time – use your current central copier or printers or create a custom solution – read more here.

Store and Move

iPad storage trolley. The simplest way to store iPads and move them around the school to your storage location – good for 30 iPads, on wheels, collapsable. our schools swear by them! £22.10 IT-STTRO
Charging tower. The simplest and finest way to charge iPads – using original chargers you can charge up to 10 at a time right in class. £18.80 IT-10WCHG


iPad Headphones. Great quality, child size friendly headphones in a range of colours, ready to plug right into the iPad £11.88 IT-HDP1
iPad Studio Headphones. Perfect for KS3 onwards, closed back, comfortable and robust. Ready to plug right into the iPad (no adaptors required). Made by Samson. £15.88 IT-HDP2
iPad Headphones with Microphone. Brilliant headset for classroom use which has a super set of headphones and a boom microphone. Cuts the background noise from a busy classroom! £22.00 IT-HDP3
Headphone Splitter. This simply lets you plug in two pairs of headphones to one iPad. £6.80 IT-HPSPL
Headphone Mic Splitter. This lets you use all of your old PC mic/headphone headsets with the iPad. £7.80 IT-HMSPL


iRig Mic – a super quality external microphone specifically designed for iPad. Great for iMovie projects, interviewing, oral practice and podcasting – designed for handheld use or floor stand. £47.00 IR-MIC1
Desk Microphone – a super quality external microphone specifically designed for iPad. Great for iMovie projects, interviewing, oral practice and podcasting ships with a desk stand. £22.00 IR-MIC2
Tie Clip Mic – a perfect tie clip mic for iPad – a cost effective way to get great audio for interviews and green screen projects. £19.00 IR-MIC3
Desk Stand – a simple to use desk stand – clamps to any school desk to create a flexible boom arm for recording. Compatible with any microphone. £22.00 IR-MICST1
Mic Floor Stand – a very sturdy floor stand for any microphone. Multiple position great for singing, recording anything you want! £22.00 IR-MICST2

Audio and Music

iRig Mic – a super quality external microphone specifically designed for iPad. Great for iMovie projects, interviewing, oral practice and podcasting. £47.00 IR-MIC1
iRig Guitar I/O – Connect any guitar via 1/4″ Jack directly to the iPad for a full audio guitar suite. £26.00 IR-GUI1
iRig Mic Input – Hook any professional microphone to the iPad – phantom power and XLR In £26.00 IR-MICP
iRig Keyboard – iRig KEYS is the first ultra-slim and highly portable universal MIDI controller keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC. iRig KEYS connects directly to the iOS device 30 pin dock connector or the USB port on your Mac/PC. It features 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys — 3 full octave range plus one note, taking a minimal space on your desktop and can easily fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag. £61.00 IR-MKB
iRig Pro Interface – iRig PRO is the first full-featured compact audio and MIDI interface you can use with your XLR microphones, your guitar and bass, your keyboard or other line-level source and your MIDI controllers. It features an XLR/1/4″ combo jack for connecting microphones and instruments (accepts XLR and 1/4″ TS cables), and features the same MIDI connectivity and controls found in our iRig MIDI interface.. £97.00 IR-PRO-IO

Coding and Programming

Please note – SPRK and Mini Drone needs iOS8 or higher and will not run on iPad 2 – you’ll need iPad Mini, iPad 4, Air or Air 2.

Classroom Kit

This full kit has everything you need to support iCode lesson plans in one classroom. A Parrot Mini drone, a Sphero SPRK+ robotic ball and our amazing iMat full of activities.

£199 AE-CKKT
iCode After schools kit

If you are running iCode After schools club, this kit will get you everything you need to support the lesson guides – 5 Mini Drones, 5 Spheros SPRK+, 2 x Parrot Jumping Sumo, 1 x Parrot Mambo, 2 x iMat activity. 

£1195 AE-ICASK
Parrot Mini Drone. A flight ready drone – all flown by iPad. Great for coding workshops. £64.10 AE-PAR1
Parrot Jumping Sumo. Floor based robot with jumping ability and camera – fully programmable and integrated with iCode. Amazing learning and great fun in one! £87.10 AE-PARJS
Parrot Mambo. Integrated with iCode, this drone adds a camera and lift grabber for some amazing coding challenges. £91.10 AE-PARM
Sphero SPRK+. An amazing cross curricular device suitable for all ages – SPRK + is used within iCode but also has a huge range of supporting apps and the SPRK Lightning Lab App for great ideas and lessons. £98.50 AE-SPRKP
SPRK+ Classroom Pack.12 pack of the SPRK+ – everything you need at a great price to support your entire class. £1050 AE-SPR12
iMat for SPRK.An incredible vinyl floor mat (1.2m x 2M) full of activities for Sphero SPRK. Ships in a protective storage tube and lesson plans. Use it with up to 5 SPRks and 10 pupils working in pairs – Foundation to KS3 / K12. £91 IM-SP1

Gift Cards

Click here to go to our automated gift card processing page to top up your school account.

Bits and Bobs

iPad Replacement charger with cable. Please specify iPad model on order. £13.55 IT-CH-1
iPad Replacement cable available for all iPad type – but please specify iPad model on order. £6.50 IT-LC1
VGA switch – for times when you have to flip between your IWB and iPad. Comes with all cables so all you have to do is pop a switch to flip between the two. This switches both your audio and video signal to ensure everything works! £21.02 IT-VGSW

Sync Solutions

Chargebus professional 16way iPad sync and charge.This is a highly recommended solution if you sync to a Mac and need charging – one USB cable goes into the Mac you can sync iPads with configurator or iTunes. A powerful, reliable solution and much cheaper than a sync cart – its the absolute best choice if you need to maintain numbers of iPads to the same level. Download Manufacturers Data Sheet £670.00 IT-CB16


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