iPad Repair

Fast, cost effective ,quality iPad repair. Don’t let a broken screen crack you up!

We’re there to help you excel with iPad. But also there for those times when things don’t go quite as planned. A broken iPad being one of those times!

Our repair service will sort any problem with a damaged iPad. A broken screen, button, wifi problem – whatever the issue, we can sort.broken-ipad-2-3-4-irepair-seattle

Our service is a full concierge service – we pick up the iPad, log it, take it for repair and have it delivered right back to you via courier.

Its cost effective – £85 for a replacement display , and £55 for all other repairs*, its light years away from the hundreds that can be charged for out of warranty iPads at the store.

Your data is safe and you will not lose any of it.

Repairs are fast – typically 5 day turnaround, and guaranteed for 3 months. Our engineers are all ex-Apple and have an almost obsessive attention to quality. And by using original parts, we can assure you hand on heart that you will have a perfect repair, every time.

* prices show are for iPad 2/3/4, Mini, Mini 2 and Air. Mini 4 is not supported. iPad Air 2 screen is £180. On rare occasions, and for devices with substantial damage, your iPad may need a two part repair for the screen which can cost £120 – £140 but we’ll let you know if this is required before we repair.

Please note: Do not return cases with the iPad, they cannot be returned. Any iPad with a no fault found will be charged at £20 and returned to the school. Repair only available in Northern Ireland.

In Scotland?

Check out our great friends at Simply Fix it who provide a first class repair service for iPad and Mac

Need us?

Call, email or talk to your school tech. We’ll get you repaired, up and running in no time.

Just need to book a repair?

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