Fantastic Apps

We have spent lots of time working with teachers and using our own experiences sourcing the best apps for you by subject. We’ve subject specific list is aimed at Secondary level education (ages 11 – 18), but many of the apps are primary school ready, particularly the more general Core Apps and Activities sections.

To get started, click on the following links:

NurseryPrimary | Post Primary | Teacher apps | Our Demo Apps


You’ll find lots of information on line  – we also maintain a Diigo list, thats a set of internet links we add as we find them to all sorts of app pages and suggestions – check it out here

For other great resources, check out any of these highly recommended resources:  IEAR , AppsinEducation or iPadinEducation for Special needs ED and some great Primary level apps, check out this document and this site.

Remember though – sharing good practice with your colleagues is by far one of the best ways to find apps and ideas for the classroom!