Your pupils can now earn official iTeach digital badges with Makewaves

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Makewaves is a safe social platform allowing children to learn, create and display their achievements. Transform your pupils’ learning in an innovative way with digital badges.
iTeach have teamed up with Makewaves to offer your pupils the chance to earn official iTeach badges. An incredible, robust programme to motivate and reward pupils and their Digital Skills from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 5. Providing a simple framework to enable all students to build an accredited digital badge portfolio that follows them through school.
Simple to setup and with powerful results.

Upcoming badges for the academic year 2017/18 include:

  • All new coding badges progressing right the way up to KS3
  • Post-Primary badges to assess your pupils’ communication skills
  • Online Safety badges to coincide with our Cyber Tiger and Cyber Citizen initiatives
  • Assess your pupils’ competence in core apps with our App Master badge pack
  • Get your Digital Leaders skilled up with our Tech Support badges
For now, you can start with our coding badges. You’ll get to understand the system and grow with it from there.
iCode Blue

iCode (i)

Pupils can earn this badge by completing our easy to follow Scratch Jr lesson from our iCode initiative. Through this task computational thinking and problem solving skills are developed alongside knowledge of writing and applying coding patterns and algorithms.

Suitable for pupils aged 8-12

iCode Green

iCode (ii)

By completing our Minecraft activity & earning the iCode (ii) badge, pupils will gain mathematical competencies such as calculating & formulating the area of structures/buildings, while improving their communication techniques using various media including visual schematics.

Suitable for pupils aged 8-12

Transform your pupils’ learning in an innovative way with digital badges.


As young people continue to enter an increasingly fast-paced, digital world of learning and work, it has become a priority to promote, assess and certify the competencies needed to succeed. iTeach Digital Badges provide schools with a framework to support the deepening of knowledge and broadening of skills. These portfolios have international recognition from the Mozilla foundation and are respected across the business community.
By registering schools will become part of the iTeach network with access to our full badge library including clearly communicated success criteria and learning outcomes which should be demonstrated before a badge is awarded. Badges cover a huge range of skills from communication, collaboration to online safety and STEAM.
Within ‘groups’ schools can also manage the progress of their pupils centrally with the ability to add multiple pupil accounts quickly and easily, review individual submissions and even award badges. We will of course be there to support teachers along the way, with select badges that carry greater scope being awarded by the iTeach team directly.

What Teachers are saying about Makewaves

Makewaves has enabled greater engagement from the kids in their learning, a growth in independence, a love of collaborating, an excitement about having an online presence.
Sam Gamblen – London Christian School
The use of the Makewaves site allows all our students, regardless of academic ability, the opportunity to create content in a safe educational environment.
Beth Smith – Catmose

Other badges your students can earn from the Makewaves library.

Register your interest

It’s free to register and then an annual fee for a whole school programme – a cost effective way for pupil progression and recognition. Note: Registering puts you under no obligation nor is it an order to proceed, but we will be in touch to help find out the best way forward for your school.

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