Empowering pupils

iTeach Digital Leaders provides the structure, support and resources you need to select, train, excite and empower pupils to be central to your schools digital learning strategy. Following a simple sign up, we’ll provide you with a ‘pack’ that gives you everything you need in the form on an amazing iBook resource. Once you select your Leaders, each pupil receives their T Shirt, certificate, lanyard and pin badge. From there, we can help train and upskill the Leaders, challenge them with new ideas and problems and host them at regular ‘Digital Leader Labs’ events. 

Your Leaders join a community of thousands of schools and pupils from around the UK, Ireland and the world!

Enrol for Digital Leaders

Enrol now and we will send you our Digital Leaders iBook so you can get started with your Digital Leaders right away.

One of our team will then be on hand to guide you through the next steps.

When you’re ready to launch the initiative in your school, we have a fantastic keynote for you to use in Assembly. Plus we can offer you free personalised posters a link to take applications. Our online recruitment pack includes everything you will need from application forms to interview questions.

Once you have your Leaders selected, we can get the following up and running for you:

  • Supply of digital leader uniform badges
  • Supply of iTeach Digital Leaders certificates – which can be provided at a school assembly by one of our team* as official recognition of your pupils achievement
  • Lanyard style ID badges
  • Digital Leader T Shirts for all pupils taking part
  • Fabulous posters that can be placed around the school to advertise the DL programme and encourage pupils to sign up
  • One hour DL training in school for the Leaders*
  • Co-ordination of a trip to the Apple Retail store to be trained as an ‘iGenius’*
  • Activities with a curriculum and skills focus
  • Tie ins across the year to events like Code Week and Safer Internet day

Please note that kits take an average of 14 days to deliver but you can get started right away with all the free resources online and promote the programme internally.

Join us at our Digital Leaders Lab

All schools running the programme will also be invited to bring their Digital Leader team to events happening across the UK in conjunction with our partners. Packed full of activities to promote learning, challenge your leaders and to allow them to exhibit their projects. All while receiving the official recognition they deserve.

We’re also working with partners around the globe to run local Labs events or we can even transform your school into a DL hub, equipping you with resources to host your very own event.

Be part of the DL community

With Digital Leaders everywhere, we’ve got partner schools programmes for blogging, facetime and skype opportunities, collaboration and lots more! Contact us to find out more.

Cost effective

The Digital Leaders programme is incredibly popular, with tens of thousands of iTeach Digital Leaders in schools across the UK and the further afield. To ensure that all our enthusiastic Digital Leaders have access to the goodies and resources, we limit the number of kits to a maximum of 10 per school across each academic year.

If it’s your first year, your 10 pupil kits and all the resources are absolutely free – no strings. If you have more than 10 amazing pupils that you want to appoint, don’t worry – let us know and we can provide additional kits during your first year for just £12 per pupil.

If you decide to run Digital leaders for further year groups or years it’s just £200 per year. No tie on, no subscription, nothing to sign up to and no commitment.

At iTeach we have seen huge value in empowering pupils as Digital Leaders, and we want to do whatever we can to assist in the most beneficial and cost effective way.

Get Started

All you need do is complete the form below. We’ll send you an automated email with links to the Leaders pack, and your resources, and work with you to help and get things underway. Simple!

Resources and kits (T Shirts and Lanyards) are available in Gaeilge – just let us know.