iCode is an initiative from iTeach to provide schools with a structured programme to run a coding and programming club as an after school, extra curricular activity or even as a structured programme within the school day.iCode Logo v2

iCode is free to all primary schools across the UK. It provides documents and guidelines, coding club structure and tips, lesson plans and access to a web site with all the resources you need.  Lessons are mapped to the National Curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence and the NI Curriculum. iCode also delivers membership cards for pupils, completion certificates, posters, door signs and every thing you need to engage with coding.

In short – iCode covers every aspect of running a club, its written by teachers for teachers, is curriculum focused, and it’s all based around iPad.

We’ll help you get set up, run the programme and be there with help and support via email and phone when you need us.

codingappsiCode is a great way to introduce coding and computing to children. Children will get the chance to develop the key skills of problem solving, collaboration and computational thinking while using the iPad to program their own games, solving coding challenges and even getting the opportunity to program drones to fly around the classroom.

By signing up to delivering iCode in your school you will have unique access to resources including app lists, curriculum plans and lesson plans that will help in embedding coding. This can be further developed across the whole school by working closely with us and benefiting from access to resources throughout the year.


Our Teacher Pack provides:

  • Introduction to coding635670026739881648
  • Club structure
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Lesson Plans
  • Resource web site access
  • Guidance on drones and bots
  • Pupil member cards, completion certificates
  • Help and support

We can also help you with the following:

  • embed coding opportunities in year group planners, with progression from P1 to P7.
  • tailored training for all your staff do using on the use of coding apps and how they link to the curriculum across the school.
  • innovative pupil sessions, delivered by iTeach staff, giving children the opportunities to program their own games, take part in coding and Minecraft challenges and flying drones around the classroom!

Expand iCode

iCode is free and always will be free to all schools. But, we’ve put together a range of extension options to allow you to:

  • Have iTeach staff deliver all pupil trainingminidrone
  • Provide training to all staff, selected staff or a cluster from local schools
  • Purchase all devices we recommend to run the club
  • Integrate it into extended schools and other funding bids

Just drop us a line to icode@iteach-uk.com if you’d like more detail.

Register Now

Complete the form below, we’ll register your school and email you with everything you need to access the site and all resources. Note that by registering you are not obligated to deliver a club, but we do hope you will!