We are passionate about technology in education – but we know that a teachers and schools time are valuable. Our services are designed with that in mind – to cause zero disruption , but to provide an effective program to identify the possibilities for the iPad in your school, and get those programs delivered.

We have four key areas of focus:

  • iPad Overview – a free presentation to SMT, Board of Governors or staff to show you just what an iPad can do in the classroom.
  • Set up of all aspects of every iPad – ensuring they are ready to go
  • Implementation – ongoing help with the hows, whys and whens of rolling out the iPad to staff, facilities and IT departments
  • Training – training for teachers, IT support and classroom assistants on every aspect of the iPad down to a departmental level. This includes practical usage, utilisation within the classroom and App Specific recommendations – everything a teacher needs to know

The goal is a painless integration with maximum benefit.

Our rates are simple, pay-as-you-go rates with no hidden fees or retainers. And since we don’t sell iPads, we offer our services impartially. For more details and prices, visit our Courses Page.

We are Belfast based, but school specific courses supplemented by departmental specific modules are run in house at the target school. Check out our entire range of services from the top of this page.