We passionately believe in the power of extending the classroom into the home and keeping parents and close family involved in classroom technology and eSafety. So with that in mind we can visit your school and host a parents evening for all things iPad or extend that to Grandparents session for school projects or purely to help out a little with their iPad skills.

Its all part of our iParent programme.handsontraining

Our parents sessions are flexible and so are bespoke to each schools needs. We focus on five key areas:

  • Engagement – encourage parental involvement with school
  • Skills – delivering certified ICT skills with iPad
  • Curriculum – helping parents understand how to extend learning to the home using iPad
  • eSafety – creating and raising parental awareness of life on line (age group specific)
  • Funding Bids  – Extended schools, Awards for All and Heritage Lottery programs with iPad that meet all of the criteria

iParent can be delivered in flexible ways – either as parents/guardians only or in a workshop style format with parents and their child working together with iPad. Timing can be during the school day, after school club or evening to suit.

Example sessions : Engagement

iParent 1 – Parents only

In this hour long session we encourage parents to bring iPads from home, and we’ll take them through some hands on basic use of the device. We cover all the things parents really want to know about managing the iPad – secure, safe browsing, age appropriate apps and purchasing restrictions. Then, we spend some time on apps for extending learning to home – apps that reinforce learning and help understanding, and show how best to turn playtime into learning time.

iParent 2 – Parents and Children

This session is around two hours long and covers all of the information in iParent 1 – but then the fun starts where parents and children work together to create a movie masterpiece all about school. In it, parents are helped by their children, they pick up core skills and have a fun learning experience with a great take home – a fully completed movie.

Example sessions : Skills

iCan builds essential ICT skills for the entire family

Parents, guardians, grandparents and other family members taking part in any of our iCan sessions will focus on skills such as email, web, online shopping, Skype and Facetime – those skills that can really help day to day. These sessions are great for building wider family links, extended schools projects or even curriculum projects between for example pupils and grandparents.

Example sessions : eSafety

Our eSafety sessions focus on life on line – with mobile and computer access open to all of our children, these sessions raise awareness of all types of social media and on line life. We explore the good and the bad and provide clear and concise advice to parents about keeping children safe whilst taking advantage of all that the internet and mobile apps can bring to learning and life.

We start at the beginning

For all of our sessions, no previous experience or skill level is required . We work directly with the school to get in place all that is needed and we provide templates and guides to send to parents to get them involved. Its a fantastic way to open the school up to parents, provide real skill opportunities and extend and encourage learning to home.

Our sessions can be booked during the school day, after school clubs or evenings, and can qualify for extended schools, lottery grants and community funds.

Outside school sessions

We can also come to formally or informally chat with your Board of Governors or your PTA, and if you are a post primary school considering leasing we can help deliver a parents session to show ‘why?’.


Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.