Planning. Deployment. Training. Management. A complete iPad solution for business and non-profits.

At iTeach, we are well known for providing excellence in iPad within education. Education provides us with the scale and knowledge to effectively deploy iPad in your organisation. With over 100,000 devices deployed and supported in the most demanding of situations, only iTeach can bring this level of expertise mixed with professional learning and development to your business, charity or public sector body.iteach-ipad-with-hand-keynote-reverse-copy

We work closely with you and build a relationship as we go – you’ll be our partner and we’ll be your support with the answers and guidance you need, when you need it. Deployment size, ambition size or device count is not important to us – what’s key is that we work together on whatever you are planning to ensure a successful set of outcomes – be it to mobilise your workforce, implement a mobile strategy, increase productivty or empower your staff in new and efficient ways to utilise technology. In short – we’ll deliver a mechanism that ensures impact in your organisation – whatever your focus and target.

We see ourselves as the glue that bring the important pieces of the puzzle together. We’re there to advise, guide, support and do whatever is needed to bring your objectives to reality.

The typical steps in our relationship and journey with you start with a simple chat. We’ll talk about your objectives, current systems and focus for iPad. Discuss with your technical team deployment, consider flexible options for professional learning and development and outline custom support contracts if required.

iTeach_icon200We’ll help with procurement – what to buy, what to avoid. We’ll discuss your infrastructure and ensure it can support the objectives and change you envisage. We’ll take time with your compliance team and address questions.

Once you have your equipment, our technical team will swing into action and set devices up, get them connected and load apps and take care of the tech bits like MDM and all the other acronyms you’ve heard about! We’ll implement powerful tools to assist with management, ID’s, Apps and compliance.

Next, our learning and development team swing into gear and talk to you about Professional Development – how best we can up-skill and train your staff. We work on a wide variety of plans and strategies that support and scaffold staff either in person or via on line delivery. It’s all mapped out, meaningful and relevant to meet your objectives. Productivity, collaboration, streamlining current workflow, new solutions or supporting your current l&d function – we have it covered.

Throughout the process , our skilled and certified technical team will be on hand to offer support – remotely and on site as needed via a range of support agreement with custom SLA’s – keeping your mobile devices performing and your IT team supported.

We enjoy superb, ongoing relationships with our customers which have continued for many years. We’re proud of that.

Drop us an email today at and we’ll get started with that chat. No obligation, no bills. Let us simply show you how we help.

We’ll follow up with a simple, bespoke proposal that matches your needs – all a la carte to allow you to select a solution that matches needs and budget.

So whether its 4 iPads or 4000, we can help.

Delivering change with mobile technology using iPad. Thats iTeach.