Dropbox has become one of the single ‘must have’ apps for educators using iPads.

In short, its a service that mirrors all of the files and folders from an area on your PC or Mac to your iPad (and iPhone).

One special note for those of you on C2K – C2K has blocked dropbox for schools in NI. But you can still use ut from your own machine.

What will you use it for?

  • Moving files and folders between PC/Mac and iPad
  • Extending the effective storage space of your iPad
  • Giving pupils and colleagues access to resources with a simple link
  • helping you email files easier from your iPad
  • Storing resources that you will use in lesson

How to get started

Head on over to www.dropbox.com and sign up for a free acount – you get 2GB of storage for free and you can expand as your needs grow.

Now, install dropbox on your PC or Mac. Thats going to create a folder called ‘Dropbox’ on a Mac and My Dropbox in My Documents on a PC.

Finally, install the Dropbox app on your iPad and key in your user name and password.

How it all works

Basically – you throw anything (files, folders) into the dropbox folder on your computer, and they get uploaded automatically to dropbox. Open your dropbox app and they will be there to access. This does depend on wifi access of course as the files are not actually on your device until you open them.

Using the app

Open the Dropbox app.

To open a file – tap it once – it will be previewed in the right hand side screen
To open that file in another app – use the send to button – top right to ‘Open in’
Make a link to that file into an email – tap the link icon and choose to copy the link into a mail or to the clipboard
To keep a file on your iPad so you can access off line – press the star button to favourite it
To delete a file – swipe it and tap ‘delete’
To upload a picture or video from your photo roll – Tap Uploads and follow the prompts.

A few days with Dropbox and you will wonder just how you coped without it!