Dropbox with Pages & Keynote

Why do I need this?

If you use Dropbox as a way to share or sync your files between PC/MAC/ iPad, staff or students there is a really simple way to open and save documents to Dropbox from apps like Pages. It uses one of the most useful features built into the OS – the ‘Open in Another App’ feature.

Here is how to use it. First, make sure you have the latest version of Pages/Keynote etc installed. To check – tap ‘App store’ > Updates . If you see any of those apps listed, its time to update them – so go ahead and hit update on those. If they are not listed, they you are already good to go.

So, for Pages, Keynote and Numbers:

To save a file to Dropbox:

  • Tap the spanner icon
  • Tap Share and print
  • Tap Open in Another App
  • Select your format – PDF if you won’t want to change the stored file, Pages if you will.
  • Press Choose App
  • Now just tap the icon ‘Open in Dropbox’ and dropbox will open
  • Browse to the folder you require, or create a new one.
  • Tap Save
  • Done!

It sounds like lots of taps – but once you have done it a couple of times, its second nature, promise!


To open a file from Dropbox:

This take a little different thinking, as most people think like Office users – open the app, browse to the file, open it. Not so with the Dropbox workflow. The secret is – you open Dropbox before you open Pages or Keynote. You open the file there and then send it to Pages etc – and thats it. So:

  • Open Dropbox
  • Browse to your file
  • Tap the download button (top right hand side of screen). Tap ‘Open In’
  • Choose Pages
  • Done! Pages now opens , loads the document and you are ready to go.

Theres a quick video below to help you along: