Getting files to Dropbox

Lots of teachers use dropbox as the go to solution for movi documents between iPads and PC/Mac , and also for centralising resources or collecting pupil work.

There are hundreds of apps that will open files from Dropbox. But only a few will save their output to Dropbox.

That’s Where a simple service such as sendtodropbox comes in.

What is it?

It’s a free service that gives you a special email address – you send anything to that address as an attachment via email – it saves it directly to your Dropbox. Simple as that.

Setting up

We will assume you have a Dropbox account ( So, head on over to :

Tap ‘connect’
You will now go to Dropbox and will be asked for your Dropbox password

That’s it. You will be brought right back to sendtodropbox – take a note of your email address – add that to your iPad contacts and just call it ‘Dropbox’ . One last thing – drag the field ‘subject’ before the word file:

In use

Send anything from any app via email. Type the word Dropbox in the To field. Whatever you type in the subject field will be the folder it is saved into – this folder will always be a subfolder of the ‘Attachments’ folder in your Dropbox.

This is a super handy idea for many applications.