Sharing files from Dropbox

Dropbox is a really really handy way to share files:

  • Email a link to a file to anyone – no more big attachments
  • assign tasks, assignments and reading material in one email
  • Allow download of resources from one single point

Using it is simple – we’ll assume you have Dropbox installed.

Find the file you want to share and tap it in the left hand pane.

Tap the little chain/link icon in the top right of the screen

From here we can:

  • Email link – this opens you mail app, inserts the link and all you need to do is type the recipient name
  • Copy link to clipboard – this will let you use the link in other applications – maybe a replied email, a Pages document etc
  • Copy image to clipboard – if the file is an image file , this will copy it right to the clipboard so you can just paste it into any other app

A link looks like this – (go ahead and tap that link to see how it shows in your web browser)

Remember – files get downloaded from Dropbox, so sharing this way has no impact on your bandwidth or if your iPad/PC is on or off!