Please Note: These pages are designed to be used as reference notes to our teacher training courses.

Getting started with the iPad

We’ll assume that you have your iPad activated and ready to use – so lets cover the basic questions:

1. Getting files on and off the iPad

We’ve explained the concept of how files are used on the iPad , but lets say that you need access to some specific files which most of us do. Here are two quick and easy ways:

a) Email – simply email the file to yourself. When you open the email you click on the attachment and can use the ‘Open In’ menu that pops up to open that file where you need it. Since there are limitations to the size of storage on C2K – we highly recommend you get a free Gmail email account and use that to send all of your files to.
b) Use Dropbox – the simplest and most powerful file system. First, head on over to and sign up with your preferred email and password – then get the Dropbox app from the App store. Dropbox works like a mirror – install it on your PC and any files that you save or copy into your ‘My Dropbox’ folder will appear available on your iPad. Just open the app , browse to the folder and tap once to open the file. Use the open in menu you to choose the application you wish to use it in. We cover Dropbox in detail further on in our course as well as apps like Goodreader and iTunes to get files on and off your device.

2. Email

Check out our email page for a quick guide to setting email up

3. Getting Apps

Simply tap the App store icon – use the search bar at the top right of the screen to search for whatever you want. Tap the icon , then press the buy button under the app icon. Tap in your password and the app will be downloaded and installed in a sec.

4. Updating Apps

It is good practice to keep you apps up to date to get new features. periodically opne the app store. Tap ‘Updates’ on the bottom menu, then choose Update all. This will update your apps and preserve any data you had in them also.

5. Organizing the desktop

To Move Apps – Press and hold any icon. The apps start to ‘wiggle’. Press and hold any icon and move it around the screen to place it elsewhere.
To organize into folders. Do the above, but now drag one icon onto another you want to group together and it will create a folder. You can rename this at any stage.

6. The Task Bar

At the bottom of the screen there is room for up to 6 icons. These icons stay in place as you scroll through other screens. Think of it as a storage space for your most used apps. To use it, simply drag any icon to it.

7. Setting up a PIN

You may want to protect your iPad with a simple four digit PIN. If you have already set up C2K email, then you will not need this as this adds a PIN by default. Go to Settings > General > passcode lock . Turn it on, and follow the prompts.

8. Getting Videos from iTunes U

Tap ‘iTunes’ Tap iTunes U from the bottom menu. Use the top right bar to search. Simply press the ‘Free’ icon to download. You can view these by tapping on ‘Videos’ icon.

9. Switching between apps

To close an app, press the home button once.
To switch between currently used apps – quickly press the Home button twice. A bottom bar slides up and you can tap any icon to restore it.