One of those hidden gems of iPad, the camera connection kit is a super, cost effective way to extend the iPad. Its often overlooked as some of its features are less than obvious – so here are a few of those uses to get you started:

1. Import photos – it is of course what the kit is designed for – take your card out of your digital camera, slot it in and pictures are imported. You can also just plug in your camera via its USB cable for the same effect.

2. Plug in a keyboard – any USB keyboard will work – just plug into the USB socket , ignore any iPad messages, and now you have a full size keyboard up and running.

3. Plug in a microphone – most USB microphones will work for great audio recording.camerakit

4. Plug in other audio equipment such as keyboards directly.

5. Copy photos between devices – since iPad 2 doesn’t have airdrop, you can use the CCK to plug one iPad into another and copy photos or videos across between camera rolls.

6. Expand video storage – keep video files on a USB stick or flash card and import as you need – save hogging space on the device itself.


For just a few pounds, its s very valuable little device to have around the classroom. Get one here