The iPad has some great keyboard shortcuts so the keyboard is very fast and efficient. However, we do get asked one question all the time by primary school teachers: Where is the division symbol?

Bad news – it’s not there. Good news – we can add it easily as per below:

Step 1 – tap and hold the symbol below and press copy in the menu that pops up


Step 2 – on the iPad tap settings > general > keyboard > add shortcut. This box appears:




Step 3 – tap once where it says ‘Phrase’. Tap Paste in the menu that pops up.


Step 4 – where it says Shortcut , type //


Step 5 – press save



That’s it done – now anytime you want to add a traditional division symbol in a sheet, note or all,  just type // and the iPad will add it into the document.

Want more? Click here to download a PDF with maths symbols including subscript and superscript, roots and Ohms!