Aurasma – What is it?

It’s an Augmented Reality technology.

Huh? Well, the technology is available on an app for iOS and it very simply allows you to set what is know as a ‘Trigger’ which can be an image, a picture or a physical object. When you point your phone or iPad at that trigger, then magic happens – an ‘aura’ appears on your screen. A direct reaction to your phone or iPad seeing that trigger.

The overlays can be videos, 3D animations, URL’s etc. It’s a way to let the physical world around you interact with the digital world and link the two together.

Now quite there with it yet? Check out this very short video – a TED talk by Aurasma which rather than talk a lot, simply shows you the sort of things you can achieve very easily.


What sort of things can I do with it for my classroom?

  • Take a historical figure. Make them come alive
  • Have images in your physical workbooks link to revision notes or more reading articles
  • Create an immersive nature table – notes that bring objects alive
  • Create simple language tags – major objects in your language lab can be titled so when the iPad is pointed at it, instant translation
  • School tour – by pointing a device at your school, play a video walk through of the school
  • Link to revision notes, articles, videos
  • Create AR treasure hunts
  • Point an iPad at equipment in your technology lab, show a virtual manual as a reminder of how to use
  • Create immersive worksheets – images that play videos, talk and come alive

If you have used QR codes in the classroom before – just try this instead.

How do I use it?

  • Download the app for iPhone or iPad
  • Create your account in the app.
  • Press the little came icon in the top left of the screen, and again to take a photo of your trigger
  • Now you can just search the app for an aura to display, or add your own video, image, 3D clip
  • In a few minutes its all set and now anyone pointing their device at that trigger image will see your aura.

Try it. You’ll love it and see a world of uses. It really is that good.

I need more!

Check out the Aurasma web site at – the forums need a bit more ‘meat’ but the help section is great and easy to follow.

Then, sign up as a partner and get access to the on line studio for free – this is much much more powerful than the app and is fantastic and very easy to use.