If you’ve worked with us, you’ll know that far and away our favourite tool is Explain Everything. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so now – its great for front of class use; super powerful in the hands of pupils and really is the ultimate flexible classroom ‘whiteboard’.

In our training course, we cover all of the key areas of EE, but sometimes, you just want to go further.

Get some help

Try YouTube with this link

Try reading the free iBook here which has some fantastic lesson ideas and uses.

Try the EE website or follow ee on twitter

Get some resources

Download any of the below resources and save them as a default project template, or add them to dropbox so you can add them to any lesson as required. You’ll find graph paper, grids, wide lined paper and images for green screen, maths tools and various others.

Just click here to open our list of files

Tip – click any pdf link to view it. When it opens choose ‘open in’ and select either dropbox to save it for future use, or ‘explain everything’ to use it for a template. for the images, just hold on each image, and press ‘save image’ from the pop up to save to your camera roll.

Check out printablepaper.net , our source for these papers, and there is also a great custom generator here 

There’s also a fantastic resource for PDF graphing paper from our friends at Maths Worksheet Land – check it out here