What is iCloud?

The easiest way to think about iCloud is your own private locker that stores a backup of your iPad and all of your documents from pages, keynotes and numbers. It will also backup and help you share your calendar , reminders and notes, mail and photos. It has 5GB of storage as standard and it free for all iPad users.

It will also sync between devices. Say you have 2 iPads, or an iPad and an iPhone, or even a Mac and an iPad – make changes to a document or photo on one and its instantly there on the other. No buttons to press or things to do – it just works.

Even if you have a PC, just log in to www.icloud.com , sign in and you can grab and download all of your documents.


Why would I use it?

  • To always have an automatic backup of your iPad – if anything happens to your device, log in to your icloud account and all of your data comes back
  • To transfer documents and presentations between devices
  • To sync all of your documents between devices, automatically.

How do I set it up?

Check first if you have a central school Apple ID – i.e. one that everyone logs on with for the App Store. You won’t use this for your icloud set up – icloud can and should be seperate – its your space for your files.

Step 1

Now tap settings, choose iCloud from the left menu. Check the main screen – top of it will either say ‘sign in’ or have an email address shown. Now – if that email address is your own personal email, jump on to step two.

If it is your school central account, tap the big red button at the bottom of the screen ‘Delete my account’ follow the prompts to finish this. If it asks do you want to leave files on this iPad, click yes.

Step 2

Now, tap sign in. Follow the prompts to set up a new apple ID. You’ll need an email address you can access and a password.

At the end of this process it will send you an email, head to that email and click verify. Now go back to the screen above settings > iCloud. Slide anything that you want to backup ‘On’ (most people put them all on).

Now click storage and backup. Slide ‘iCloud backup’ to ON.

Thats it! Your ipad will back up when it is charging and on WiFi and it will back up and sync everything else automagically.


Does this affect my apps purchases?

Nope. Your AppleID for your apps will remain as it was, iCloud is totally separate and doesn’t impact your apps in anyway.

Using iCloud on line

From any machine with a web browser, head over to www.icloud.com and log in with the iCloud ID you set up. You can look at all of your files and documents and download them to your local machine – for example when you view a keynote, you can choose to save that as a PowerPoint, PDF or Keynote file.

Single piece of advice?

Use it – set it up once and forget it. It just works and doesn’t need anything from you to keep your documents safe.