Images and video files are core to many things in the classroom using iPads. Many times we need to move images around between iPads, phones, Macs and PC’s.

Here are a few quick tricks to help you figure this one out:

1. Moving pictures from a camera SD card into the iPad

Grab yourself a camera connection kit (here) for a few pounds. You can simply plug in an SD card, or even a camera via USB. When you do, the iPad photo app will open and offer to import them. Simple as that.

2. Moving images between iPads

You need an app. We highly recommend Photosync – just open it on both iPads, select your photos and they get sent. No wifi is required , it’s all done via bluetooth. Another great option is Instashare. Don’t bother with email!

3. Moving images iPad to PC

If you are on your own wifi (and not C2K) then you can use the Photosync app we talked about above – just head to the photosync site, install the program for free on your PC and you are all set.

If its a C2K machine, or you have lots of photos to move , then grab your charging cable. Plug one end to the iPad and the other into the USB socket on the PC. Give that a minute or so and you will notice that the Microsoft photo import wizard appears. Just follow the on screen steps and your photos (or videos) will be copied to your computer drive in the folder you specify. Nice and easy way to get work onto C2K for ICT accreditation moderation!

4. Moving images to a Mac

More or less the same as a PC – use Photosync by installing the link program, or plug the iPad in via USB – when you do iPhoto will start up and helpfully import the photos.

5. Getting files to pupil from teacher

Set of iPads? We recommend one of two ways to get bunches of images to pupils.

a) Set up the same email account on all iPads – so you send one email to that address and all iPads get the attachments. Make it receive only.

b) Use the Showbie app. From here you can send resources such as images to all pupils in your class – this does take a little one time set up to register your pupils though.

c) Fire them into a shared folder on Google Drive so they can be viewed just like a shared folder

d) As c) but use a shared folder on dropbox.


That’s a few simple ways to move photos around.