Can I print?

This may seem like a very obvious question – but its one we get asked all the time. The short answer is ‘Yes’. Print facility is built right into almost all apps notices_logo_airprint_2from Safari, Mail, Pages and the photoroll to everything in between. iPad uses Apples system called ‘AirPrint’ to make it easy to use. More on that later!

AirPrint is wireless printing – nothing to plug in but you do need to have an AirPrint system set up.

In most schools, we’ll set up one or two printers in a central print area, get you all that you need and set it up.

OK, so what do I need?

You’ll need one of the following solutions:

1. An AirPrint printer

This is not just a wifi printer – it must be AirPrint enabled. This gets added to your wifi network, or can talk directly to an iPad. Available in laser or inkjet types.

Click here for a recommended printer

We can supply an HP Airprint Colour Laser printer or Colour Inkjet.

Simply order, we’ll install, configure and get you up and running.

2. An older printer

We can take an older printer that you currently have and convert it to an AirPrint printer

3. A print server

This is basically a small box that we install on your network. What it does is turn all of your current printers into AirPrint printers so you can use everything that you have in place currently.  £155 fitted and installed.


How do I print?

With the item on screen , tap the actions button and the print option will come right up. In Pages, Keynote and Numbers, tap spanner > Share and Print, Print.

Once you have done that, the following dialog will appear:


Simply choose your printer and number of copies and thats it


Of course, you end up printing much less with the iPad , but we know you need to print for the classroom wall, parent examples and portfolios of work.

Need more info on a network solution? Call us on 02890 020375 and we’ll explain.