QR codes are finding innovative uses in education – they are simple to generate and to use in class.

Er, whats a QR code then?

Think of it as a bar code in two dimensions. You will have seen them before – here is an example:

Basically, you can encode anything into an image such as that one – simple text, a URL, a map , text message.

Any pupil with a camera phone can then take a picture of it and they will go right to all of the information encoded on it. Try it on the above – open your phones QR reader and point it at the screen. You will be taken right to our home page.

How would I use it?

Educators have many ways to use QR codes:

  • Assign homework, just by placing it on screen
  • Provide further reading – encode a web site address in it for supplemental reading outside of class
  • Create ties between departments by linking learning – QR codes can show relevance between subjects
  • Add to workbooks to create further reading or online resources you make available
  • Create scavenge hunts for outdoor or even indoor activities


How do I make one

We have made a simple on-line tool – Click here and follow the simple instructions to add to your PC/Mac or iPad.
Using it is simple – head to a web page or on-line resource. Click the bookmark you installed. You will then see a simple page with a large QR code and a short link (the short link is really handy for pupils without camera phones). Show that on-screen and the pupils will know what to do from there.

On the iPad

We can recommend a great app for the iPad that will help you make and view QR codes – Qrafter Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator - Kerem Erkan

Generating codes for all purposes on a PC is simple to – just head to this page for all you need.

If you want to read those codes on a PC with a webcam, there is a great post and video here