You can now use your iPad with total freedom within the classroom – present and use your iPad with your current data projector. See everything mirrored from your iPad screen. Presentations, worksheets, apps and resources – everything. Your audio also comes from your classroom speakers.

Teach from anywhere, hand the iPad to pupils and let them display work, annotate or use apps.

Its called Airplay mirroring and it has really changed the way our classrooms work. Just add an AppleTV into your classroom and you are all set.

Using it

And using it is simplicity itself. Double click your home button. Swipe right and hit the Airplay icon, choose your class AppleTV and you are done:



Getting back again is just as simple – double click, swipe left to right, press the Airplay icon and choose ‘iPad’ . If you just want to blank the screen, tap your sleep button.

Use it to move around the room to teach, ask pupils to contribute, stimulate peer review and evaluation/discussion. Collaborate on tasks plus lost lots more.

Secure it

You can add Pin protection to the ATV at two different levels – either so only you as the teacher can display your work, or open it up a little wider so just the pupils in your room can show their work at your request. Just head into settings on the ATV and select your options from the airplay menu.


From the menu – turn parental controls to ON. Then switch off movie and TV rentals so your pupils don;t get distracted!


Getting started

You need a few things in order to use Airplay mirroring:

  • An iPad2 with iOS 6 or a newer iPad- this can be easily upgraded if you have an older version
  • A wireless network set up in school or just the classroom – it doesn’t need internet access
  • An Apple TV
  • A converter and cable pack for your class projector


How we help

We have sourced the best products that are guranteed to be compatible with your equipment, and placed them in a bundle at a great price.
Ordering our ATV-1 Bundle, you will get everything you need, preconfigured and set up – just plug it into your projector and go. No setup, no hassle just ready for the classroom.

Option 1 – APM Bundle


  • Apple TV2
  • HDMI Conversion Box for your projector
  • Audio and video cables to hook everything up
  • A wifi router (no internet)
  • Everything configured and ready to go

£82.50 per projector

Option 2 – Just the converter

If you have an AppleTV, this is all you need to connect it to your IWB .

£32 per projector

Order Now

Ordering is easy – pop on over to our Accessory page for all the details


Technical stuff

There is none! Just plug in the mains cable then your projector cable and you are done.