Padvu has been one of those incredibly simple accessories that has enabled real change in the classroom.

It brings the iPad alive by allow it to be used as:Iso Render Decal iv

  • A scanner – digitise content ready for electronic resources
  • A Document camera – slide your text books, worksheets, materials under Padvu to utilise all of your current resources on the big screen
  • Place above objects to view on the main screen
  • Place it above science experiments, art and technology tasks
  • Use it for stop motion and filming
  • Use the basic camera app or tools like Explain Everything to annotate images on the fly.


Padvu is portable for work around the classroom with Apple TV, is preset for optimum A4 documents and allows the iPad to auto focus quickly. No shaking, no hassle, drop the iPad on Padvu and thats it. Use it with two of our favourite apps – Explain Everything and IVisualiser

Padvu is priced at £42 plus VAT with free shipping everywhere. If you need quantities, contact us

Need a Padvu? head on over to our accessory shop to buy one for your classroom through school, or click here to order on line with Paypal.

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“My favourite use of Padvu is sharing examples of ‘good’ work. Pupils have all these abstract terms like ‘application, analysis, evaluation’ but it’s hard to understand what these mean in practical terms and how to achieve them. With Padvu & iPad, I can choose one of the student’s answers, take a quick photo of it and show it on the IWB. We can then discuss it as a class, it can be annotated and highlighted in Explain Everything, and I can share it to VLE, Twitter, Google a Drive or Dropbox, so they can refer to it later. It makes learning relevant as they can see “good work” from their own classmates and it serves as a useful motivational tool. And it’s easy and fast for me: no printing, no photocopying! Win-win!”