Please Note: These pages are designed to be used as reference notes to our teacher training courses.

Handy little things to know

1. Taking a screenshot

Press and hold the home button and the on and off button together until you hear a click – this will grab a screenshot and save it to your images folder of anything on screen at that point.

2. Add a desktop short-cut to a web page

When browsing in Safari , tap the arrow icon next to the address bar. You can add that page to short-cuts. But even handier , choose the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option and it will save the web page as an icon on your home screen.

3. Search

Press the home key once. Press it again. The search screen now appears. Type in your search and it will locate anything related to that on your entire iPad (including email, docs and apps)

4. Keyboard short-cuts

Just a few:
When typing, press the space key twice to insert a full stop and single space
When entering a URL – touch and hold the .com key and slide your finger up – many more options appear.
Double tap the shift key to put Caps Lock on. Press once to remove it.
Tap and hold the ? key to insert double quotes, the ! key for single quote.
Pinch out from the centre of the keyboard to split it into a thumb type keyboard – pinch close to go back to the standard mode

5. Quick Mute

Press and hold volume down to mute quickly

6. Change the lock switch

Set this to either lock the orientation, or mute the device – settings > general

7. Gestures

Pinch out to zoom
Five fingers pinch close instead of the home button
Four fingers slide up to show recent apps doc
Four fingers left to right or right to left to switch between apps.

8. Copy and paste

Tap a word and hold it. Choose select and move the dots to cover everything you want to select. Press Copy. Open any other app, tap once where you want that text to go, then tap paste.

9. Turn notifications on

These can get in the way of teaching – Settings > Notifications > slide to off

10. Show Flash

Lots of people will tell you that you cannot show flash resources or sites on the iPad – you can. Grab a copy of iSwifter here (£2.99). Simply open your flash website in this instead of Safari and you will be all set.

11. Word Doc issues?

If you have lots of resources in word , you can import them directly into Pages or iAnnotate. But you may see some formatting issues if you have tables, drawings or images. Just save the word doc as a PDF on your PC and import that – problem solved. (check out primo pdf or cute pdf for free PC based solutions)