You want to use YouTube clips in Keynote or Pages? Or use them offline in the classroom? Or even edit them into iMovie? Read on..

Well, there’s a solution for that! You can download any YouTube clip direct to your photo roll so it can be used in Keynote, Pages, iMovie or any other app in just four taps.

Just follow the quick steps below:

Lets get it all set up first – its a one time thing!


Step 1 – Get the apps you needimgresimgres-2

Grab the official YouTube app – here (free)

Grab the ‘Workflow’ App – here (£2.29)


Step 2 – Grab the YouTube workflow ‘recipe’

Photo 07-02-2016, 17 08 28

Open this page on your iPad and click here

Tap ‘Get Workflow’ on the left hand side of the screen and in the dialogue box ‘Open in Workflow’

Workflow will now open and add the recipe.

This ‘recipe’ will now be stored in the app and can be called upon anytime you need to grab a YouTube video.


Now, anytime you want to save a video

  • Open the YouTube app and find your videoPhoto 07-02-2016, 16 48 12
  • Tap the share button in the top right corner and press ‘copy link’
  • Open the Workflow app and press the big red button ‘Download YouTube’
  • Now, press play at the top of the next screen
  • Workflow will now grab the video clip which you will see on screen.
  • Tap ‘Done’ and, well, you’re done! The video is now saved in your photo roll

Photo 07-02-2016, 16 51 54

That’s it – video saved to your camera roll!

From here you can just add it to any app that allows photoroll access – or even bring it into iMovie and edit and trim it to keep the bits you want.